According to the Lundberg survey of 8,000 filling stations nationwide, despite the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, and the political turmoil in Venezuela, gasoline prices in the United States have remained practically unchanged over the past two weeks, actually edging down less than a cent. While most commercial trucking operations use diesel fuel, a large segment of the industry runs on gasoline. Friday's weighted price per gallon for all grades and taxes was about $1.46, the same price as reported two weeks ago. Analyst Trilby Lundberg said the price actually dipped, but it was less than one cent. Still, this could be a sign that prices may have peaked, the Associated Press reported. From Feb. 8 to April 7, gasoline prices had jumped 32 cents. Prices remain more than 21 cents per gallon lower than they were at this time last year, when gas cost $1.67 per gallon.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials