A new version of e-Fleet Product Availability tool was launched by General Motors on April 14, 2002. Features of this tool include: - A new, more detailed summary page of available inventory. - An advanced search feature to allow more detailed criteria when searching for a vehicle by utilizing 3-digit UPC codes (e.g., C60). - An automatic conversion of dealer codes to BAC codes (and vice-versa). Dealer name and ad-dress also appear for verification. - The ability to release multiple units at one time. - A reservation function to allow users to hold vehicles for 48 hours (end of the next business day). This function is not available to dealers. Questions on this application should be directed to: Andy Penoza, (313) 667-1139, or Dave Spence, (313) 667-1122. GM said the wireless application will be launched later this week.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials