Vericom Technologies and U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems have formed a strategic alliance enabling U.S. Bank Voyager to begin offering an advanced global positioning satellite (GPS)-based fleet management service to new and existing customers. The product, called “Voyager Path Manager,” is a new GPS-based fleet management solution powered by Vericom Technologies, which enables companies to cost-effectively collect and analyze detailed fleet data involving driver and company fleet performance and productivity. Voyager Path Manager gives companies the ability to:  Monitor vehicle and fleet activity, such as location, frequency and vehicle speeds, to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, as well as accident/incident costs.  Record vehicle location throughout the day, providing easy analysis of specific routes, duration of stops, time between stops, and out-of-route movements.  Optimize routes and increase driver productivity.  Verify and improve customer service, providing an automatic recording of delivery time at specific customer locations.  Ensure driver and vehicle safety through tracking of vehicle location and use as desired. For information, visit Voyager’s Web site at

Originally posted on Fleet Financials