BP has unveiled its BP Business and BP BusinessPlus cards. The BP Business Card offers basic fueling expense management needs for smaller fleets. The BP BusinessPlus card, for large fleets, offers customized features such as a rebate program. BP Business and BP BusinessPlus cards are accepted at all 15,000 BP and Amoco stations across the country. The BP BusinessPlus Card offers reporting and an incentive program. Based on cumulative monthly purchases, a company receives rebates on each gallon of gasoline it purchases, up to 4.5 cents per gallon per month on fuel purchases, on the next monthly statement. Every BP BusinessPlus account automatically receives an Account Summary Report, Discount Report, and Payments/Adjustments Report. Fleet managers can then select how they want data sorted – by vehicle, driver, or card number. Other available report options include an invoice report, driver report, vehicle report, station activity report, exception report, tax-exempt report, expense summary report (by business unit or by month/year to date), or product summary report. With the BP Business and BP BusinessPlus cards, online Internet account access management is available. BusinessPlus fleet managers have the additional option of creating ad-hoc reports by downloading their current data to their PCs. The BusinessPlus fleet program costs $10 per month, with the fee being waived for companies that purchase 5,000 gallons or more per month. For more information, visit www.bpbusinessplus.com.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials