Diversified Fleet Services International (DFSI) has launched an all-new service for multinational fleets to provide them with assistance in developing global requests for proposal (RFP). The new service — called Global Proposal Service — was announced by Cliff Samuelsen, manager of DFSI. The new service will include:  Custom designing client-specific global tenders and global RFP.  Developing a format and procedure to effect a streamlined RFP evaluation process.  Administering the global tender on behalf of the client.  Providing guidance for implementation and start-up of a global fleet program.  Conducting an audit of the global vehicle fleet and recommending cost savings.  Setting up reporting capabilities for vehicles located anywhere in the world. “One problem encountered by some U.S. fleet managers in preparing a global RFP is that it is sometimes designed with a U.S. domestic mindset,” said Samuelsen. “This U.S.-type RFP simply does not work if applied on a global level. Globally, there are different methods of acquisition and different types of fleet management services. Each country has its own governance and country-specific laws that apply to credit, financing, registration, taxation, and emissions.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials