PHH has expanded its Internet-based information management sytem, PHH InterActive for Suppliers, to a new group of users: vehicle dealerships. This B2B eCommerce application is designed to speed the transactions associated with deliveries of fleet vehicles to PHH’s dealer partners across the country. “PHH InterActive for Suppliers enhances service to automotive dealerships that work with PHH — and in turn increases the dealers’ ability to efficiently serve our clients. Using this Internet technology, dealers have better information on the status of vehicles in the delivery process, and easier electronic communication to PHH’s Call Centers. They also have the ability to submit delivery invoices electronically, and the real-time information helps our clients’ cash flow when they turn in used vehicles,” says Thomas Kielty, senior vice president, customer & vehicle services, for PHH. More than 100 PHH dealership partners are already signed up to use PHH InterActive for Suppliers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials