In conjunction with Omron Corp. of Japan, Cellport Systems, a provider of automotive wireless communications technologies and products, previewed a fleet monitoring application built upon the company’s flagship Cellport Universal Hands-Free System. On view in Booth 1539 at the CTIA show, the demonstration employs the Cellport Hands-Free System as a universal data gateway for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity linking Omron’s in-vehicle sensor and processing technology, their enterprise or network server-based logic and control capabilities and the Internet. The system demonstrates how a telematics vehicle monitoring system is able to communicate with a land-based service organization, through any and eventually all cellular transmission technologies, using the driver’s existing wireless handset. The Universal Data Connectivity (UDC) technology developed by Cellport offers for data communications the same kind of universal connectivity the company has pioneered for voice communications with its Cellport Universal Hands-Free system. Cellport’s UDC architecture provides a standard interface on the vehicle side for universal connection of various telematics devices needing to communicate data outside the vehicle through a wireless phone. The UDC handles all the conversion work needed to interface with the phone and communicate the data over the variety of transmission methods — circuit, packet, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, etc. — wireless carriers employ now and in the future.

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