Twelve Ford Motor Co. vehicles receive the “recommended buy” rating in the upcoming 2002 Consumer Reports annual auto issue. Seven DaimlerChrysler and three General Motors vehicles receive the rating. Only Toyota, with fifteen recommended buys, scored higher than Ford in the Consumer Reports ratings. Honda ranked below Ford with nine vehicles receiving the recommended buy ranking. The Jaguar S-Type is among 12 Ford Motor Co. vehicles to be named as “recommended buys” in the upcoming issue of Consumer Reports. The magazine lists the Ford Brand Taurus and Crown Vic as recommended buys. Under the Mercury nameplate, the Grand Marquis and Sable are recommended, as are the Lincoln Town Car and LS. Consumer Reports also lists the Jaguar S-Type, the Volvo S40 and V40, and the Mazda 626, Protégé, MPV, and Miata as recommended buys. Five Ford Motor Co. vehicles ranked in the top of three key segments in Consumer Reports' Safety Assessment.

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