Lockheed Martin (LM) is one corporation that has dealt with company mergers over the past few years. The mergers sometime require an economical decision to downsize its properties, equipment, and personnel. When a vehicle is removed from service due to a reduction decision, or a vehicle is no longer needed at a particular facility, Lockheed Martin will try to transfer the vehicle within the corporate entities, in lieu of surplusing or selling it. This is to achieve maximum utilization and eliminate unnecessary use of capital funds to purchase, said Gerald Cumby, fleet manager for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Ft. Worth. The company makes the vehicle available on the corporate Web site, CPRIS (Corporate Property Resource Information System), and the LMC Properties Asset Management Web site for consideration by other LM companies. Both of these Web sites provide detailed information about the available vehicle/property. “We transferred some vehicles from our New Mexico facility to three different LM facilities in Georgia, Maryland, and Texas,” Cumby said. “Between the four sites involved, we moved about 12 vehicles in lieu of selling. We have moved over 250 vehicles from one LM site to another in the last 36 months.” All vehicles were posted on the LM Web sites. If the vehicles are not needed by other sites, the vehicles are either sold at company surplus sales or wholesale to the general public.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials