General Motors has provided a $500,000 grant to the Engine Research Center (ERC) of the University of Wisconsin for research directed at producing cleaner, more efficient internal combustion engines. The one-year grant will be used to study and produce advances in direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines, including research into combustion, fuel spray model development, engine and exhaust aftertreatment system modeling, and turbulence modeling. Dr. Hazem Ezzat, director of GM’s Powertrain Systems Research Laboratory, said, “The ERC at the University of Wisconsin is one of the leading engine research facilities in the world. Its work focuses on improvements to direct-injection engines, an area of technology we believe has great promise for the future.” GM has been expanding its technical network through alliances and partnerships with universities around the world. Some other universities with which GM has partnered are Carnegie-Mellon University, Michigan State University, Stanford University, and Virginia Tech.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials