A New England natural gas utility has equipped 85 vehicles with an automatic vehicle location (AVL) and mobile data system from Radio Satellite Integrators Inc. (RSI). Yankee Gas is a natural gas distributor in Connecticut, serving nearly 200,000 customers in more than 60 metro areas. Yankee Gas dispatchers are able to locate their trucks accurate up to a few meters. Specializing in the use of a wide variety of wireless communication, RSI’s V-Track incorporates the CDPD network for wireless data communications in this particular system. Fully integrated with Axiom Corp.’s Mobility mobile workforce solution, RSI provides the vehicle tracking and wireless communication portions of the system. The complete system allows for the operation of work-order assignment and computer-aided dispatch systems to be interfaced with in-vehicle lap top computers. The RSI system also provides a driver emergency panic button in the vehicle.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials