Ford Motor Co. announced 2002-MY Fleet Final Order Submission Dates. The below information provides complete dates for the different vehicle lines. FORD DIVISION CARS *Crown Vic – Balanced Out *Escort – 3/29/02 *Focus – 5/24/02 *Mustang – 5/24/02 *Taurus – 5/24/02 *Thunderbird – 4/05/02 *ZX2 – 5/24/02 FORD DIVISION TRUCKS *Econoline Van/Wagon – 5/24/02 *Escape – 2/28/02 *Excursion – 5/24/02 *Expedition – Balanced Out *Explorer (4–Door) – 5/24/02 *Explorer Sport/Sport Trac – 5/24/02 *F-Series Light Duty (Under 8500# GVWR) b/ - 5/24/02 *F-Series Super Duty (Over 8500 # GVWR) a/ - 5/24/02 *F-650/750 – Balanced Out *Ranger – 5/24/02 *Windstar Van/Wagons – 5/24/02 a/ Includes Stripped Chassis b/ Includes SuperCrew LINCOLN-MERCURY DIVISION *Blackwood – 5/24/02 *Continental – 6/14/02 *Cougar – 5/24/02 *Grand Marquis – Balanced Out *LS – 6/28/02 *Navigator – Balanced Out *Sable – 5/24/02 *TownCar – Balanced Out *Villager Wagon – 3/28/02 Notes: * Acceptance of an order is not a production commitment * Selected options may be balanced out earlier than the above dates reflecting high demand and capacity shortages The dates shown above are our early estimates of when Ford thinks it will run out of each 2002-model vehicle. However, selected models/options may be balanced-out earlier due to high demand and capacity shortages. If you do not require immediate delivery, orders can be preferenced for production in April, May or June on most models. The supply of most vehicles is excellent at this time. However, heavy demand (numerous orders received) may cause the supply to be exhausted earlier than anticipated. Orders will be scheduled based on receipt date, so it is best to place your orders immediately, Ford said. Although it is unlikely that orders received after the Estimated Final Order Due Dates will be produced, Ford will attempt to accommodate as many as possible. However, acceptance of an order is not a production commitment. For more information, call 1-800-34-35338 (U.S.) and 1-800-668-5515 (Canada).

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