MotorPlace Auto Exchange, the wholesale used-vehicle division of The Cobalt Group, has introduced its new fleet vehicle sales unit, FleetDirect. With FleetDirect, MotorPlace Auto Exchange has expanded its vehicle inventory, giving dealers and other wholesale vehicle buyers electronic access to thousands of fleet vehicles throughout the country. FleetDirect offers fleet vehicle sellers a way to manage their fleet business and remarket their vehicles to Cobalt’s network of 12,000 dealers throughout North America. FleetDirect also expands MotorPlace Auto Exchange’s reach to include fleet owners from franchised and independent dealerships, car rental companies, corporations, and government entities. Buyers can browse and purchase fleet vehicles at or contact MotorPlace Auto Exchange customer relationship managers to locate and purchase specific fleet vehicles. MotorPlace Auto Exchange has hired automotive industry veteran Michael Szarwark Jr. to manage this new line of business. Szarwark is responsible for all aspects of FleetDirect, including developing relationships with fleet vehicle buyers and sellers that include rental car companies and automotive manufacturers, dealer groups, and individual dealers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials