In a continuing effort to implement its comprehensive e-business strategy, DaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) announced its selection of Covisint to develop and host the company’s new, global portal. This will be the next generation of the company’s supplier portal solutions. The portal will provide access to OEM and supplier applications as well as Covisint tools worldwide via one common framework, based upon input from DaimlerChrysler and its suppliers in the Extended Enterprise. According to Kevin Prouty, senior analyst from AMR Research, suppliers use from 20-300 user-names and passwords for customer and partner portals. “Large suppliers may end up paying any-where from $250,000 to $2 million per year in fees and labor to comply with customer portal initiatives, on top of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) charges,” said Prouty. DaimlerChrysler expects many benefits from the creation of a global supplier portal, including: — Major improvements in its OEM-to-supplier and supplier-to-supplier communications worldwide, supporting data exchange and synchronization across the entire supply chain. — A uniform solution for Web-based applications, providing users with a simple, common interface for navigating and conducting business across DaimlerChrysler’s systems and those of its partners. — A simplified user experience, driven by a single, sign-on identity, and backed by a high-integrity, cost-efficient security system. — Increased efficiency, enabling the company and its suppliers to focus on their core competencies, making high-quality cars and trucks, rather than on reinventing the business. Development of the DaimlerChrysler supplier portal is under way. The company anticipates launching the new global portal in fall 2002

Originally posted on Fleet Financials