The annual surveys taken by two major manufacturers of automotive finishes pointed to one thing – silver is the most popular color for new vehicles around the world and across vehicle market segments. The surveys, taken by DuPont Automotive and PPG Industries, both showed that silver was tops in popularity with North American, European, and Asian buyers. According to the DuPont survey, in North America, compared to a year ago, silver rose to the top color choice in the luxury category, while remaining dominant in the full/intermediate and sport/compact segments. Silver remains the second most popular color in the SUV/truck/van segment, but is fast becoming a contender for the lead. According to PPG, silver – which is part of the neutral color family – led North American vehicle color popularity with 19 percent of the market, while white and red decreased slightly from 16 and 15 percent, respectively, compared to the 2000-model year. The neutral color family – consisting of champagne, gold, and lighter shades of brown and orange – remained constant at 14 percent, followed by black and blue at 11 percent each, green at 10 percent and a small niche and specialty colors at 4 percent.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials