The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has put forth new proposals modifying its mandate to regulate and encourage sales of zero-emission electric vehicles (ZEVs) in the state, reports Fleets & Fuels. The current regulations adopted in January 2001 call for 10 percent of each auto manufacturer’s sales to be electric vehicles beginning in 2003, with incentives to encourage early adoption. A manufacturer selling small neighborhood electric vehicles during models years 2001 and 2002 would earn 4-to-1 credits, which they could bank for future years. One of the new proposals limits the use of bankable credits to 75 percent of the manufacturers’ ZEV requirements through 2006 and 50 percent thereafter. The new proposals also include the sales of sport/utility vehicles, large pickup trucks, and minivans in the baseline auto sales calculation, which means manufacturers will have to bank more early credits and sell more ZEVs if the regulations are approved.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials