Kenworth has introduced Allison 2000 Series and 2400 Series automatic transmissions for its T300 medium-duty truck. Both models are fully automatic, five-speed overdrive transmissions with lockup and a 32-bit microprocessor. Power-take-off (PTO) drive gears are optional. Mike Parrish, Kenworth medium-duty product marketing manager, expects most buyers to oper-ate in pick-up-and-delivery applications. “City work is a key application,” he said. “An automatic is so much easier to operate in congested driving conditions, and they’re safer – drivers keep both hands on the wheel and there is no shifting involved. What’s more, there is no rollback, which is great for those operating in hilly areas.” According to Parrish, the Allison transmissions are mated to Caterpillar’s 3126 engine rated at 545 lb.-ft. of torque or below. A Spicer SPL100 driveline is also part of the package. While Kenworth T300s have been widely used in Class 7 applications, Parrish said Kenworth has made significant strides to make the T300 more attractive to Class 6 users. “We’ve been able to bring to market several new options that cater to Class 6 operators,” Parrish said. “The majority of Class 6 trucks feature automatics. We now have an excellent T300 product with the transmission and hydraulic brake configuration that also makes us extremely competitive in that marketplace.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials