DaimlerChrysler has unveiled its third-generation fuel cell concept vehicle, the Chrysler Town & Country Natrium, fueled with sodium boro-hydride, a compound chemically related to borax, the naturally occurring substance used in laundry soap. This fuel and fuel cell system gives the Natrium a range of 300 miles, comparable to a gasoline-powered vehicle. In addition, the vehicle produces zero emissions. The sodium boro-hydride fuel is available in significant supplies, it is non-toxic and nonflammable, and it can be recycled, potentially providing an endless supply of fuel for transportation needs. The Chrysler Group has produced two other fuel cell concept vehicles. – Jeep Commander, unveiled in 1999, demonstrated an onboard reformer to produce hydrogen from gasoline for the fuel cell stacks. – Jeep Commander 2, unveiled in 2000, uses a methanol reforming fuel cell powertrain in a large, luxury, four-wheel-drive sport/utility vehicle.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials