NAFA has conducted a special survey to help the association provide services and communications in the most efficient and preferred ways to fleet managers. More than 1,000 fleet managers responded, providing detailed answers to 26 questions. Key findings of the NAFA study include: - 98 percent of fleet managers have access to the Internet from their desks at work. - 98 percent use e-mail at work. - 86 percent use the Internet for business at least once each day. - 66 percent have high-speed access. - 58 percent have access to all Web sites, without restrictions. A study of affiliates brought generally similar results. For example, 97 percent of affiliates use e-mail at work, 97 percent have access to the Internet at their desks, and 54 percent have high-speed access. A second study, focusing on member preferences for participating in educational activities, will be conducted in January 2002.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials