GM has announced several new models for commercial van customers. All are currently open for ordering and should be in production by the end of November. Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari: The PDG option is an orderable option, available on the 1SC passenger van PEG. This option is released for fleet and government orders. By ordering PDG with the 1SC PEG, the following changes are made. The vehicle will include AM/FM radio (9R2), body side cladding delete (9R4), the base cargo van wheel and vinyl seating (9SI). The vinyl seating is available in one color, medium dark pewter (92W). PDG also deletes the following items from the 1SC PEG: remote keyless entry (AU0), chrome-clad styled-steel wheel (PC2), and luggage rack (V54). Customers will receive a total credit of $942 when ordering this option. Chevrolet Venture: - 1SA Passenger Van RWB: This passenger model is being offered to fleet customers as an alternative to the 1SV passenger model. The 1SA includes more content than the 1SV, but maintains a competitive price position with other manufacturers. Included in the base price of the van are power windows, cruise control, and AM/FM radio. Some of the available optional equipment includes remote keyless entry, aluminum wheels, and a CD player, along with two different seating configurations. - 1SC AWD Passenger Van EWB: Up to now, AWD was only available on the upper trim level Venture vans, the LT, and the Warner Brothers Edition models. AWD features road-gripping traction in all kinds of weather. The 1SC AWD includes power windows, rear wiper, remote keyless entry, and LS trim as standard equipment. Some of the available optional equipment includes a rear parking aid, a luggage rack, power sliding doors, and an AM/FM stereo with CD and cassette player. - 1SF Cargo Van EWB: The cargo van will be re-introduced into the Venture lineup. This model is packaged to compete against the Ford Windstar, the only other FWD cargo entry in the marketplace. It will include the following as standard equipment: power windows, power mirrors, rear wiper, remote keyless entry, and front air conditioning. Some of the available optional equipment includes cruise control, a theft deterrent system, traction control, and an AM/FM radio with CD player.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials