PeopleNet Communications Corp., an Internet-based vehicle location and mobile communications solutions for the transportation industry, has launched PeopleNet Metro, a new division dedicated to providing advanced wireless fleet solutions. The PeopleNet Metro wireless fleet system integrates GPS-based location tracking, two-way voice and data communications, and Internet-based fleet business tools to provide communication between business owners, dispatchers, drivers, and customers. Satellite location tracking enables dispatch units to have the most current and reliable information on fleet locations. Two-way voice and data communications – via Internet, wireless transceivers, in-vehicle keyboards and message displays, Palm OS-based hand-held devices, and cell phones – allow for real-time, fluid communications between dispatchers and drivers. Air Mechanical Inc., based in Ham Lake, MN, was one of the first businesses to reap the re-wards of PeopleNet Metro. “We have 45 vehicles in our fleet that respond to more than 100 calls each day. We had been using two-way radios to maintain contact between drivers and dispatchers, but they weren’t proving to be robust enough to allow us to effectively track our efficiencies and inefficiencies, both in the field and on-site,” said Ross Erickson, president. “We recently installed the PeopleNet Metro wireless fleet solution and are already achieving more consistent tracking and ef-fective, reliable communications.” PeopleNet Metro has been available to Twin Cities- and Chicago-based delivery and service companies beginning Oct. 22, 2001. A national rollout of the products and services available through PeopleNet Metro is expected in early 2002.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials