The Mack Leasing System is now offering its rental and leasing customers a variety of new business management tools with the recent introduction of the Mack Leasing System MasterCard. These tools include better control and management of fuel and service purchases; simplified, streamlined billing; online card management capabilities; as well as a variety of additional features depending upon which of three programs the customer selects. The options include a Fleet Card that allows supervisors to control, limit, and report driver/employee purchases. Individual credit cards may be assigned to limit transaction amounts, transactions per specified time period, types of purchases and location acceptance. The Fleet card also may be customized to limit purchases according to a driver PIN or vehicle ID security prompt. Supervisors further benefit with timely access to purchasing reports. Another option, the Purchasing Card, is designed to control, limit, and report corporate purchasing. Cards may be issued to individual employees and/or by department, and purchasing may be limited according to location, type of business, type of purchase, and monetary amount. Limits also may be changed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The Multi Card offers users an integrated option that combines all the Mack Leasing System MasterCard purchasing programs into a single account. All cards are available with toll-free support service, no annual fee, no transaction fees, a rewards program, as well as 30-day billing and a 25-day grace period. Internet service allows for access to account information and card management changes. In conjunction with the MasterCard program, Mack Leasing Systems dealers are being offered a Receivables Management program that uses a revolving line of credit for customer purchases. Participating dealers and customers benefit from simplified billing, as well as better account and credit management with all parts and service transactions.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials