SCI International has introduced SmartFuel, a new wireless fuel management system based on Israeli military technology that provides fleet managers a new tool to combat mistakes, waste, and fraud at company fuel pumps. SmartFuel employs tiny radio signal transmitters fastened to vehicle gas tanks and fuel pumps to ensure that fuel will flow only when the correct fuel nozzle is inserted into the correct tank by the correct driver. The SmartFuel system, which is controlled via a wireless RF (radio frequency) modem connected to the fleet manager’s office computer, can be installed on both electronic and older mechanical fuel pumps. Because the new RF-based system cannot be affected by voltage fluctuations or lightning storms (these disturbances typically crash cable-connected fuel management systems), SCI International said it guarantees the SmartFuel system to be free of all after-installation maintenance costs. The SmartFuel wireless management system evolved from technology developed by the Israeli Air Force to control fuel flow during in-flight refueling of aircraft. The system is currently being used to regulate fuel usage for dozens of municipal and commercial fleet owners around the world, including the Red Cross and the United Nations. Meir Ezra, SCI International’s founder, said that customers routinely see a reduction in fleet fueling costs of 10 to 25 percent after installing the SmartFuel system. In addition to cutting fueling costs, Ezra said customers who install the SmartFuel system are able to easily enhance their fleet management capability through the installation of SCI’s Smart-Co-Pilot, a global positioning system (GPS) which is capable of supplying critical user-defined information, like vehicle location and route taken, speed, engine data, door openings, as well as a host of other data relating to vehicle and driver behavior.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials