Ford has renewed its contract with Jeeves Solutions, a division of Ask Jeeves Inc., and expanded Jeeves’ products and services to the Ford Fleet division to improve self-service and customer interaction, while also capturing important customer intelligence. Already answering more than 6,000 questions a day at, “Ask Ford” has become synonymous with providing Ford customers relevant answers. At, “Ask Ford Fleet” will now allow Ford to also service its business customers by offering relevant answers to service, product, and support questions about more than 30 vehicles offered by Ford to fleet customers. Car rental companies, business owners, and government agencies such as police, hospitals, and park services will now have access to more than 1,600 pages of relevant Web content to answer their queries by simply typing in a question. Business customers will be able to ask questions such as “How can I change my vehicle orders?” or “Where can I find information about Ford Credit Fleet financing?” and get immediate answers. Using Jeeves Analytics, a built-in customer intelligence feature of Jeeves Solutions, Ford is able to “listen” and learn from each interaction its customers have with “Ask Ford.” Jeeves Solutions customer analytics tool provides Ford with critical insight into customers’ interests. This feedback mechanism uses a combination of Jeeves’ signature open query box and ASK button, which encourages customers to ask full sentence questions instead of typing key words, with Jeeves’ proprietary techniques to aggregate user interactions. Jeeves helps Ford track and analyze these questions to capture in-depth information about what customers are looking for. This allows Ford to listen, understand, and respond to its customers based on their most important needs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials