The city of Anaheim is using five GEM (Global Electric Motor Cars) zero-emission neighborhood vehicles produced by DaimlerChrysler. The city’s police department is using two of the vehicles, painted black and white. The city’s resort maintenance district is using the other three for landscaping work. The vehicles have been in service about four months. Fleet Superintendent Frank Pepito told Automotive Fleet the city had problems with the chargers in a couple of the vehicles, and that GEM staff responded by replacing the charging units in all five vehicles. “Our experience with the vehicles has been good enough that we would buy more if the application warranted it,” Pepito said. Another fleet that uses GEMs is Luke Air Force Base, located near Phoenix, which has more than 100 of the GEM vehicles in its fleet. One GEM tows a 5-ton load of generators along the fighter flight line. A second GEM is outfitted as an auxiliary Fire Department utility vehicle that can pull a load of fire extinguishers to various base locations in safer fashion than an internal combustion engine vehicle. Yet another GEM has been redesigned to accommodate six passengers for carrying flight crews to the flight line. Gary Ewing, trip reduction manager for the Luke AFB Environmental Program, said, “The vehicles' reliability and versatility have made them the preferred electric vehicle at Luke.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials