The new address and phone numbers for the International Automotive Remarketing Alliance (IARA) are: 5155 W. Rosecrans Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90250; (310) 545-5227, Fax: (310) 796-4591. The committee responsibilities assigned to the IARA Board of Directors are: - Membership Development & Recruitment: David Langley, Honda Finance (Chairperson) - Industry Recognition & Rewards: Dave Alfonso, Kia Motors (Chairperson) - Industry Association Relations & Communication: John Schuetz, Daewoo (Chairperson) - Education, Certification & Conference Management: Doug Richard, Triad (Chairperson) - Press & Public Relations Communications: Mike Antich, Bobit Publishing (Chairperson) - Legislation & Regulatory Issues: Chuck Nix, Americredit (Chairperson) - Remarketing Industry Standards & Benchmarking: Mike Culligan, Suzuki (Chairperson)

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