GMC Yukon 4Sight features the first application of a four-wheel steering system in a full-size SUV. Known as Quadrasteer, the system, developed by Delphi Automotive Systems, is an electromechanical system that turns the vehicle’s rear wheels in relation to the front wheels. Quadrasteer offers a choice of three driving modes. In “2WS,” the 4Sight operates like any two-wheel steer vehicle. In “4WS” at lower speeds, rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels, helping the vehicle make tighter turns. At highway speeds, rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels, for better stability during lane changes, passing and evasive maneuvers – especially during wet or windy weather. The “4WS Tow” mode reduces the amount of rear-wheel steer at lower speeds and increases rear wheel steer at higher speeds to provide even more stability than regular four-wheel steering. GMC earlier introduced Quadrasteer on the 2002 GMC Sierra Denali full-size pickup. The Yukon 4Sight includes the Cellport 3000 with Voice Command, the universal, voice-activated hands-free system from Cellport Systems. The system allows the 4Sight driver to use makes and models of wireless phones and operate them through the Cellport 3000 system’s built-in voice recognition technology. The 4Sight comes with a barbecue module, including table and charcoal grill. The barbecue module is attached to the innovative Reese Dual Port System (DPS) hitch, which can be used to either haul a trailer or attach a rack to transport a barbecue set, luggage, bikes or other equipment. With the DPS hitch, the rack swings out to allow the rear liftgate to be opened. Modular interior and roof storage systems make it easier to manage cargo. The interior rear cargo system, by Johnson Controls, contains com-partments and hooks for carrying tools and other gear. When it’s not being used, the cargo system can be collapsed flat on top of the Webasto sliding load floor, a feature that makes it convenient to load or un-load cargo without reaching far into the rear compartment. The roof rack consists of four modules. The modules, separately or together, pivot and swing over the side of the vehicle, making it easy to attach or retrieve cargo. Auxiliary lighting on the roof rack makes those tasks easy to perform, even at night. Powered by the big-block Vortec 8100 V8 with a Whipple super-charger, the Yukon produces 500 horsepower and 670 lb-ft of torque. The Yukon 4Sight also features a front productivity console from Magna Steyr. The console’s front compartment provides concealed storage for a personal digital assistant (PDA) and cell phone with charging outlets, along with a storage tray for small items. The console also features a temperature-controlled cup-holder and removable cooler. The center console can be converted to provide hanging file folder storage, and convenient nets on the underside of the lid and on the back-side of the console offer additional storage.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials