Cellport Systems Inc., a provider of automotive wireless communications technologies and products, announced an agreement with Nissan North America’s Infiniti division to equip the flagship Infiniti Q45 Sedan with Cellport’s universal hands-free system for wireless phones. Under the agreement, Cellport will provide a fully integrated version of its Cellport 3000 hands-free system that is specially integrated to work with Visteon’s Voice Activation System already installed as standard equipment in all Q45s, enabling complete voice command for many of today’s wireless phones. The Cellport-supplied equipment will be available next March to Infiniti customers as a factory-installed feature beginning with the 2002-model year Infiniti Q45. Q45 customers will also be able to have the Cellport hands-free system installed at their dealership for those customers who purchased the Q45 before the system’s March availability date. The system’s Universal Docking Station and phone-specific Pocket Adapters accommodate wireless phones produced by Nokia, Motorola, and other popular brands, regardless of service provider, allowing drivers to use their own wireless phones without the expense of installing multiple adapter kits or using one wireless phone brand. Cellport worked with Visteon Corp. to integrate its universal hands-free system with Visteon Voice Technology, a speaker-independent, continuous-speech voice activation system currently available on the Infiniti Q45 Sedan and Jaguar S-Type, enabling drivers to use simple English commands to place or answer calls on their phones without having to look at or touch the phone. The Cellport 3000 Hands-Free System also serves as a basic telematics platform for providing wireless connectivity to the vehicle. By incorporating telematics extensions, a Cellport 3000 system can provide a basic platform on which in-vehicle data, location, and services are enabled. These services could include remote diagnostics for fleet management, navigation, and location-based applications plus safety and security services.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials