For several years, Sutton Leasing in Warren has leased pre-owned vehicles to various clients and talked about the cost-savings fleets can achieve by using pre-owned vehicles. Now, Sutton Leasing has officially started a new division of the company, which will be called Proven Leasing, and which will ex-clusively handle leasing of pre-owned vehicles for its clients. Sutton Leasing President Clyde Sutton said that by using pre-owned vehicles, fleets can save $100 a month or more per vehicle. He gave an example using a 2002 Ford Taurus SE, which he said would cost $374.80 per month on an open-end lease. “But if you let us obtain a used car Taurus in December when they start coming off the rentals -- we have an arrangement with a manufacturer to buy them -- it would run you $257.90 a month,” Sutton said. “In these economic times, we feel there is a lot of market out there for that type of vehicle.” ITS, an inspection services company headquartered in Parsippany, NJ that has a fleet of about 400 vehicles, has been leasing used vehicles from Sutton Leasing for several years and has not only saved about $75 per month per vehicle, but has also saved a great deal on first-year depreciation. “If you give us enough lead time, we can obtain used vehicles for your fleet, and there’s not a whole lot of difference between one that new and one that’s used, except for the price,” Sutton said. For information, call (810) 759-5777.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials