As consumers in the United States travel less and crude oil prices continue to fall, the price of gasoline has fallen below $1 per gallon in some areas, USA Today reported. While the largest trucks run on diesel fuel, a significant portion of commercial trucking is carried out in smaller, gas-powered trucks. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the national average price of gasoline has fallen nearly 20 cents a gallon, after immediate fears of price spikes and gouging, according to the Oil Price Information Service. In Atlanta, some station owners and consumer watch groups are reporting prices as low as 99.9 cents per gallon. The owner of a chain of stations in the middle Atlantic states of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia said that his company’s prices are also slightly less than a dollar, USA Today said. Some experts believe continued weak demand and low wholesale gas prices may lead to even lower retail gas prices.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials