Ford Motor Co. announced that the Cellport Pocket Adapter is available for ordering for all fleet customers from Cellport Corp. effective Oct 16, 2001. The adapter allows select cell phone brand models to operate with the Cellport Universal Docking Station for 6-passenger Taurus/Sable models (option code 519). Orders payable by credit card may be placed by calling the toll-free number is 888-801-2355 or visiting the web-site Fleet customers interested in learning more about hands-free, voice activated communication solutions are invited to visit the website. Select "Products & Services" and choose "Hands-Free Phone" for more detail on the system features. The "Phone Pocket Adapter Application" displays the cell phone brands/series that are supported with a corresponding pocket adapter. Although fleet customers may order the adapter prior to vehicle delivery, drivers may also wait until their vehicle is delivered since the adapter and operating instructions are delivered via overnight mail. Customers are encouraged to utilize the fleet-dedicated toll-free number or Cellport website to order adapters or replacements to ensure their adapter has the voice recognition hardware designed to Ford Motor Co. specifications.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials