Autobytel Inc. on Oct. 10, 2001 announced it will offer dealers the same data and tools that currently power 22 of the major manufacturer consumer Web sites, as well as portals and independent car-buying Web sites. Called AutoSuite, it is developed by Automotive Information Center (AIC), Autobytel Inc.'s technology and data division. AutoSuite is powered by AIC's price and specification data, which includes more than 500 data points on every model and trim level sold in the U.S. -- and gives dealers the ability to customize the various AutoSuite tools to showcase only the specific brands they sell, if they so choose. For example, dealers can configure AutoSuite to display only the advantages of the makes and models sold at their dealership. Autobytel Inc.'s AutoSuite package offering to US dealers includes features and bonuses such as the Loan/Lease Calculator and a Quick Pick vehicle search function, which allows shoppers to view a list of vehicles that meet a set of needs. The tools can also provide shoppers with information on crash test results, available interior and exterior colors, and owner assistance information, such as warranty and roadside assistance. The following is a run-down of AutoSuite tools and features offered to dealers by Autobytel:  AutoResearcher -- Enables users to search and find information (MSRP, photos, features, options, etc.) for any specified vehicle, or it can help them find the vehicle that's right for them according to a range of optional search criteria -- not only by price, brand, and type, but also according to specific features and options, such as horsepower, audio systems, and air-conditioning.  AutoBuilder -- Lets consumers configure a "buyable" vehicle based on real-world automaker options and packages. Pricing is automatically adjusted according to optional selections.  AutoComparator -- The consumer can use this tool to objectively compare prices and features among multiple comparable makes and models.  AutoGallery -- This photo gallery is in a class of its own as it provides a full 20 uniform interior and exterior shots of every featured model for vehicle-to-vehicle comparisons from every angle.  AutoAdvantages -- Literally spells out the advantages of featured vehicles over competitive models during comparisons. Customized options provide shoppers with a summary list of feature advantages, as well as a text format that describes these features in sentence form (such as "The Mazda has 1.3 more inches of front headroom" and "The Ford gets 5 more miles per gallon for city driving"). Loan/Lease Calculator: During any stage of the process, shoppers can use this tool to determine their estimated monthly payments for the specific vehicle configuration they've selected.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials