Bob Martines, president/CEO of Corporate Claims Management (CCM), was featured in a “Champions of Industry” video that focused on fleet-related accident management issues. Produced by Pat Summerall Productions, the video pointed out that 2,600 accidents occur each day in the United States. Mistakes and improperly handled accident procedures can cost fleets millions of dollars in lost settlements or in denied claims, according to the video. The video stressed how accident management companies such as CCM, with pre-established policies, pricing and procedures, and with vendors nationwide, can handle all aspects accident management from assigning vehicles to repair facilities through subrogation process. CCM has handled more than 160,000 claims. CCM has an online computer system in place, available to all customers at any time, and allows customers, with individual codes, immediate access to all files related to any incident. “CCM is looking forward to soon being able to supply auto maintenance as an added service, making CCM a one-stop shop,” says Martines. For information, call (800) 491-2200 or visit

Originally posted on Fleet Financials