Music Express Limousine Service, a limousine service for the entertainment industry, uses a palm-sized video recorder by DriveCam Video Systems, mounted behind the limo’s rearview mirror, to record staged accidents. Music Express, located in Burbank, CA, has increasingly been the target of fraud. Typically, these cases are difficult to resolve and lead to higher insurance rates. DriveCam monitors driving activity by continuously recording video, audio, and four directions of G-forces into a digital looping memory. G-forces are caused by activities such as hard braking, acceleration, harsh cornering, or collisions, which trigger DriveCam to save a driving event for later viewing. DriveCam’s digital recording allows fleet managers and insurance investigators to view an event on a TV, camcorder, or laptop computer. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), commercial vehicles such as taxis, limousines, rental cars, and commercial trucks often are special targets of fraud. Insurance fraud costs Americans about $30 billion each year, equivalent to a fraud tax of $200 to $300 in higher premiums for the average household.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials