American Isuzu Motors Inc., the U.S. distributor of Isuzu sport/utility vehicles, and Autodaq Corp., an integrated automotive remarketing services company, on Aug. 16 announced the launch of “Isuzu Auction Online.” This service will enable more than 500 Isuzu dealers nationwide to purchase remarketed Isuzu rental and fleet vehicles online. Autodaq, which provides the infrastructure and services to facilitate the trade of used vehicles on the Internet, will both power and maintain the Isuzu service. The new online auction will debut in pilot programs in selected Isuzu sales regions beginning in September. “Isuzu Auction Online puts more vehicles back in the hands of our dealers sooner,” said David Funston, Isuzu’s fleet and remarketing executive manager. “Isuzu fleet vehicles will be auctioned online directly from marshalling yards, reducing our sales cycles from as long as 45 days to as short as a few days.” Funston added that Isuzu dealers would also benefit from the Autodaq-powered online service. “Our dealers, for example, can use the detailed search function to send them e-mail or text page notifications whenever desired vehicles become available in the inventory. Using the Autodaq ‘proxy bid’ feature, Isuzu dealers can also place the highest bid they’re willing to pay for a vehicle during an auction, and the system will automatically bid for them in $50 increments up to that limit. This functionality will enable our dealers to spend less time on auctions and more time with Isuzu customers and meeting other business needs.” Isuzu expects to remarket approximately 15,000 fleet cars in 2001, according to Funston.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials