The Sierra Denali will be the first GM truck equipped with the new Quadrasteer technology, but the system may soon appear on other GM models as well. GM’s Quadrasteer system electronically controls the direction of a truck’s rear wheels at different speeds, adjusting their angles to provide optimum control at any speed. It allows a truck to maneuver with the ease of a small car at low speeds, while helping the truck achieve a greater level of control at high speeds. Quadrasteer also reduces a vehicle’s curb-to-curb turning diameter. For example, the system has reduced the turning circle diameter on the new Sierra Denali to 37.4 feet. This will allow drivers to park the Sierra Denali and other Quadrasteer-equipped trucks with ease. Additionally, the system improves on-highway stability by allowing drivers to change lanes, pass and operate their vehicle with more ease, especially in wet and/or windy weather. Quadrasteer even makes it easy for a driver to maneuver a trailer attached to their truck around tight spaces, or to back the trailer up without snaking right or left.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials