BMW of North America, LLC, has selected ATX Technologies of Dallas and Cross Country Automotive Services of Boston to develop enhanced integrated telematics services for its model-year 2003 vehicles. Services such as automatic collision notification and one-press-of-the-button emergency call response will provide BMW drivers with the latest advances in summoning assistance and emergency medical help. Location-based roadside assistance will be delivered by Cross Country Automotive Services in concert with ATX Technologies. This telematics solution will be able to locate motorists who require roadside assistance in the United States and Puerto Rico, in turn allowing prompt dispatching of the nearest available service provider. The goal is to reduce customer downtime when rendering assistance. BMW of North America, LLC, first offered nationwide map database coverage with its 1997-model year 5 and 7 Series. When combined with an integrated cellular telephone, location-enhanced roadside and emergency assistance was provided to BMW drivers with a push of the button. This combination became a standard offering on all 7 Series, effective March 2000. BMW’s telematics service has been continuously enhanced since its launch, with the model-year 2003 application targeted to offer upgraded services, with or without the on-board navigation system.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials