During tropical storm Allison, ADESA Houston and Auto Placement Center (APC) processed approximately 1,000 flood-damaged vehicles per week since mid-June at the request of a national automobile insurer. Each total loss vehicle title will be branded as flood damaged total loss to ensure proper disclosure of the vehicle’s condition. Those vehicles will be auctioned during special flood sales at ADESA Houston beginning Aug. 14 and continuing each Tuesday until every vehicle is sold. Total loss vehicles will be stored at ADESA Houston and an additional facility near ADESA Houston until the titles are processed. All vehicles have been deemed total loss and will be sold and branded according to the total loss laws of the state of Texas. Operating in the U.S. and headquartered in East Providence, RI, APC is an ALLETE Automotive Services company providing auction and management programs for total loss and worn-out vehicles serving insurance, financial, leasing, and nonprofit organizations.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials