The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and U.S. Postal Service have formed an alliance based on the exclusive supply of all Postal Service ground tire needs for the next 10 years. Under this alliance, the Postal Service will purchase only Goodyear replacement tires for its fleet of more than 200,000 transport and delivery vehicles, which travel some 1.1 billion miles annually. Under the exclusive tire supply agreement, the Postal Service is expected to annually purchase approximately 235,000 Goodyear tires to outfit its fleet. This includes passenger, light truck, and commercial truck tires, shipped by Goodyear to the Postal Service’s 325 Vehicle Maintenance Facilities across the U.S. Another piece of the agreement is a Postal Employee Eagle VIP Discount Purchase Program, which provides a specially designed Goodyear/USPS credit card to Postal Service employees. Under the program, which will be launched in the fourth quarter, participating Goodyear and Gemini retail outlets will provide qualified Postal Service employees with discounts on automotive service and tire purchases.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials