The Fleet Order Status application can now be accessed by both GM dealers and upfitters through DealerWorld and/or the newly redesigned Web site. The application allows users to search through their fleet order(s) based on their own individual Charge-To BAC (Business Associate Code). Additionally, the user can choose from a variety of other criteria to help refine and simplify the search process, including Charge-To BFCs (Business Function Codes), Ship-To BACs, Primary FANs (Fleet Account Numbers), End User FANs, Event Codes, and other options. Dealers and upfitters can also locate individual fleet orders by entering an order number or VIN. GM dealers interested in gaining access to the Fleet Order Status application through DealerWorld must first contact their dealership administrator. Interested upfitters must request access by contacting the Help Desk at 877-9FLEET9. Dealers needing further assistance should contact the GM Access Help Desk at 1-888-337-1010.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials