AMI Leasing has created a new Fleet Management Services Division to provide car and truck services to commercial fleets around the country. Services offered are designed to commercial customers, and include: Fleet Purchase programs -- As the purchasing agent, AMI will specify and acquire the correct vehicles, at the best price, at the proper time of year, and deliver them road ready to any client location. Maintenance Management -- Maintenance Management is a pay-as-you-go managed maintenance program for vehicles under 10,000 GVW. The client has access to any of 45,000 AMI contracted service providers to schedule appointments and ensure vehicle maintenance is performed according to the maintenance schedule provided by AMI. AMI monitors compliance with the maintenance schedules and then consolidates discounted vendor invoices before providing them to the customer on a single comprehensive statement. In some cases that may be unknown to the driver, the manufacturer may cover repair work even after the warranty expires. AMI monitors prost-warranty work and compares it with technical service bulletins from manufacturers to reduce or eliminate the cost of the repair. Medium/Heavy Truck Maintenance -- The program is a proactive, pay-as-you-go managed maintenance program for vehicles over 10,000 GVW. AMI monitors, schedules, and coordinates all vehicle maintenance between the customer and the pre-selected service provider. AMI monitors compliance with the maintenance schedules and then passes maintenance expenses on the customer's monthly bill. With both of the managed maintenance programs, clients have 24-hour emergency roadside service and the ability to access fleet information instantly through the Internet using AMI's Fleet Access program. Central Fleet Management -- AMI provides day-to-day fleet management for fleets with 500 units or more. Clients receive a toll-free number, answered as (company name) Fleet Department, for associates to call if they have questions. A field manual is jointly developed, covering such topics as vehicle ordering, turn-in, registration, accident reporting, and maintenance procedures. Other services available include safety services, vehicle re-registration, fuel management, fuel-tax reporting, and vehicle disposal.

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