SANTA MONICA, Calif. --- has released a six-part series on senior driving titled, "What Should We Do About Grandma's Driving?" Officials estimate that the senior driving population was responsible for approximately 11 percent of fatal crashes in 2006. That number is expected to rise to approximately 25 percent by 2030 when the entire Baby Boomer generation has entered senior status.'s series provides practical, sensitive guidance for families with aging drivers. The articles also explain how automakers, health organizations and state traffic officials are meeting the growing needs of seniors on the nation's roads. "Many elderly drivers inevitably become risk factors on the road due to fading vision, diminishing physical and cognitive abilities and other health issues," said Joanne Helperin, senior features editor for the Women & Family Guide and Car Safety Guide on "Families will appreciate learning that there are a lot of techniques and technologies that can be used to help seniors driver safer, longer."