PASADENA, CA – As gas prices and concern over imported oil rise, more and more motorists are turning to natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol and other alternative-fuel vehicles. Where can these alternative-fuel users find up-to-date information on where to refuel when they’re out on the road?

The Better World Club, a leading green auto club, is partnering with CALSTART, North America's leading advanced transportation technologies consortium, to provide drivers with alternative fuel station information while on the go via a free phone service that uses information from CALSTART’s website.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find information on clean fuels,” said Better World Club President Mitch Rofsky. ” is a great website – now, through our partnership, we are extending its help to people who are away from their computers and in their cars. It’s a service that matches our members’ ethic and we’re pleased to offer it.”

As of July 1, alternative fuel vehicle drivers can call the Better World Club to receive information on the nearest refueling station. They don’t even need to be Better World Club members to take advantage of this service; anyone can call the toll-free number, (866) 238 -1137, and a Better World Club operator will provide the nearest refueling station using CALSTART’s The website lists over 1,500 alternative fuel stations throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. provides the most up-to-date maps and operating information on alternative fuel stations on the web. The goal is to provide options and make it easier for motorists as they transition from conventional to alternative fuel vehicles. The overriding goal is to reduce the burden of oil dependence and cut carbon emissions.

“This partnership helps us further expand the reach of, to even better connect with the growing ranks of clean fuel vehicle drivers,” noted John Boesel, CALSTART President and CEO. “Our website combined with Better World Club’s free phone service is one more step to make it easier to be green.”