ATLANTA – ShatterGARD, a provider of glass protection systems, has rolled out VehicleGARD, a new optically clear “peel-and-stick” window film kit, multiplying glass strength. Customers provide their vehicle make and model, and window dimensions are then linked with the ShatterGARD cutting system to produce the custom cut peel and stick glass protection kits. Self-installed kits are available with the pre-cut film, an instructional video, and application tools necessary to ensure a proper fit. Most VehicleGARD kits can be installed in less than three hours. Professional installations are available upon request. Typical vehicle kits start at $999; fleet discounts are available. VehicleGARD window films filter up to 98 percent of harmful UV radiation, protecting vehicle interiors and sensitive equipment. Tinted versions of the film provide privacy and can reduce glare and heat infiltration by up to 45 percent. The product is scratch-resistant and will not turn yellow or distort over time. VehicleGARD also carries a six-year limited warranty.