FENTON, MI – Using Webasto’s new BlueHeat Air Heater to provide heat uses less than 1/5 of the fuel compared to when idling the engine, which significantly reduces fuel costs. The system uses only 0.06 gal./hr. of fuel to heat a vehicle compared to a typical 0.50 gal./hr. used when idling an engine to heat the vehicle. A 100-vehicle fleet that currently experiences a daily idle-time of four hours-per-vehicle spends $50,000 per year in wasted fuel (taking into consideration a 20-week period annually in which heat is required and a fuel cost of $2.859/gal). Engine wear is also decreased when not forced to idle the vehicle for heat. The fleet example cited above, idling four hours per day for heat, would add the equivalent of 13,200 miles of engine wear to each of their vehicles. (This assumes that each hour of idling is the same as driving for 33 miles.) Other benefits of the system include reduced exhaust emissions. M.S.R.P. for a Webasto BlueHeat vehicle heater, including installation is $1,795. For more info, visit www.blueheatinfo.com