SAN DIEGO, CA – A total of 13,500 pizzas were delivered to 6,000 or so workers finishing the Navy’s newest cargo ship on Jun. 8, setting an unofficial world record for the biggest pizza delivery in history, according to the San Diego Press-Telegram. The mega-delivery was organized by Papa John’s pizza to mark the end of the two-and-a-half year construction of the U.S.N.S Lewis and Clark, a cargo and ammunition ship scheduled for delivery to the Navy later in June. Each worker received two specially made six-inch pizzas during the event and all pies arrived within a half-hour period via heated delivery vans. The previous world record for pizza delivery was 13,386, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Making 13,500 pizzas is no small feat, and a total of 2,275 pounds of cheese and 36,000 slices of pepperoni were used, the report said. The pizzas were cooked in 15 Papa John’s restaurants across San Diego and were made at a rate of about one per second throughout the morning of Jun. 8.