OTTAWA, CANADA – Netistix Technologies, a vehicle telematics company, announced Release 3.0 of its FleetPulse fleet management product. The new release contributes to its national product deployment and distribution deals announced earlier this year. The new version of FleetPulse, released at the 2006 CTIA Show in Las Vegas, features VIUPoint Access Service (VAS) capabilities which enables wide area deployment of one or many WiFi access points to be centrally managed as a centrally hosted service, in conjunction with the FleetPulse application. VAS compliments the existing VIUPoint wireless site manager functionality inherent with FleetPulse where a server is required per local access point. VAS lowers the cost of WiFi deployments. This feature also permits easy deployment of fleet management applications within the burgeoning municipal WiFi market. For municipalities and other public entities, Netistix FleetPulse provides a compelling return on investment opportunity for cities, counties, and other public entities that wish to attract WiFi enabled applications to their new networks. Release 3.0 also includes additional fleet specific features such as extending real-time fuel consumption calculation from OBDII data to support MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) equipped vehicles. Vehicles equipped with MAF (Manifold Air Flow) fuel systems are already supported. There is also an improved graphical user interface including the new fleet manager Dashboard, which allows quick and easy viewing of key operational data on one screen, related to safety, diagnostics and fuel consumption, without spending time reviewing multiple reports. The new 'Off Usage' feature of Fleetpulse 3.0 enables quick assessments of fleet vehicles operating within or outside normal business hours. This important feature allows fleet managers to accurately track overtime and unauthorized usage and billing.