SAN DIEGO – DriveCam, Inc., a knowledge-based system that improves driving behavior, has awarded a distributorship to Integrity Parking Systems LLC dba Integrity Group U.S. of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Integrity Group U.S. will concentrate its sales efforts of the DriveCam system to fleet operators in airports, the parking industry, healthcare facilities, hotels, car rental agencies, and universities. The DriveCam system identifies, manages, and improves unsafe driving behaviors through a video and audio recording device mounted to a vehicle’s windshield. The system’s dual-lens video camera continuously records sights and sounds inside and outside the vehicle. When triggered by a sud-den stop, turn, rapid acceleration, or accident, the system saves the 10 seconds before and after the event. Fleet supervisors use DriveCam’s Hindsight 20/20 software to analyze driver performance or, in the case of an accident, to document insurance claims. “While the main benefit is driver behavior modification, which reduces at-fault collisions by 50 percent or more, the DriveCam system also provides visual and audio evidence that can be used to settle insurance claims, document maintenance costs, and determine liability,” said Jim LaRocco, managing partner of Integrity Group U.S.