Time Warner Cable-San Diego has reduced preventable collisions by 41 percent using the DriveCam Driving Feedback System. The DriveCam program, which is offered by DriveCam Video Systems, prevents accidents by recording driving incidents and providing drivers with unbiased feedback on their driving habits.

Time Warner-San Diego began using the DriveCam program in 2002 on its fleet of 200 vans and achieved a 31 percent reduction in preventable collisions in the first year. Collisions were further reduced by 11 percent in 2003, totaling a 41 percent reduction in two years.

In addition, the company uses the DriveCam recordings to exonerate drivers and reduce insurance payouts. The Driving Feedback System integrates video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits.

Driving events are collected by DriveCam, a palm-sized video recorder mounted in the center of the windshield that records what drivers see and hear. Recordings of driving events are automatically downloaded to a computer network, where managers use HindSight 20/20 software to review and analyze driving performance.

"We chose to add DriveCam to our collection of safety measures taken on behalf of our employees and the community," said Jim Shaw, director of human resources and security for Time Warner Cable. "We can use DriveCam recordings to see exactly what happened in an accident or other unsafe driving incident. For preventable accidents, this helps us counsel drivers and improve their driving habits. For those that are not preventable, it provides evidence that helps us settle claims quickly."