Wrench is committed to protecting the health of customers, employees, and communities with its...

Wrench is committed to protecting the health of customers, employees, and communities with its contactless services and policies.

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Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution is offering its full, contactless services to fleets.

“Many fleets are categorized as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic delivering vital items across the nation to people in need, and we’re honored to support their efforts to ensure they maximize uptime and continue operating,” said Ed Petersen, CEO of Wrench. “We are committed to protecting the health of customers, employees, and communities with our contactless services and policies to address these new challenges by providing full-service, on-site vehicle maintenance, and repairs to make sure these vehicles stay clean and get back on the roads faster.”

To keep drivers safe, healthy, and on the roads, Wrench announced:

  • A disinfecting service provided by a Wrench technician who will wipe down high-touch areas, including door handles, consoles, steering wheels, and more with a CDC-approved disinfectant. This has become a popular service among fleet managers and their customers as evidenced by a 1,000% increase in the Wrench cleaning service in the past month, according to the company.
  • An automated on-site diagnostics service within 24 hours of a tow through Wrench. To expedite the diagnostics and repair process for these vital fleet vehicles, when a fleet vehicle uses the Wrench towing & roadside service, a technician will be alerted and dispatched to perform an onsite diagnostics test within 24 hours of the tow to ensure diagnostics and repairs are quickly made. This service can dramatically decrease vehicle downtime from several days on average down to just a few hours. 

“Prior to Wrench, repairs to our vehicles could take up to two weeks and we had no visibility into the status of the repair. Now we get status updates on our vehicles’ repairs and get them back on the road within seventy-two hours on average,” said Rob Tetz, Vice President of Fleet & Facilities at Monarch Landscape Companies, a Wrench fleet customer. “The transition to Wrench was easy and worth the change as we’ve saved more than 2,000 hours in labor and thousands of dollars that we can now re-direct back into our commercial landscaping business to continue providing quality service to our customers.” 


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